New Publication: Evangelical Violence

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In case you’ve been wondering what’s been going on during this semi-hiatus, I’ve been working on several academic and media projects, and one has just been published. My most recent research article, “Evangelical Violence: Western Christianity and the use of force against the Third World” is now available online here and will be featured in a Special Issue of the journal Third World Quarterly.  Here’s the abstract:

Recognising the impact of religion on state action, this article identifies two variables that interact to affect the type and level of violence employed by Western states against Third World targets. First, variation in the degree to which the prominent Christian denominations and organisations within these states view evangelisation as either an individual-level or national-level process – Christian individualism vs Christian nationalism – has determined church support for using violence as a tactic. Second, the level of influence that churches and missionary organisations have over their home states affects the ability of Christian actors to directly impact state actions. Western violence against Third World peoples is expected to be lowest when churches and Christian organisations view evangelisation in primarily individualistic terms and have significant influence over the state. The article examines the relationships between concepts of evangelisation, Christian influence over state policies, and levels of violence against the Third World by examining British, French and German colonialism during the late colonial period of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

I hope you get a chance to check i out!


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