New on Blavity: Why All Eyes Need To Be On Texas Right Now

Today on Blavity, I have a piece about the myriad new laws going into effect in Texas and how they impact not only the Lone Star State but potentially the nation.

From the article:

Gun culture is huge in Texas, and the state was already one of the most gun-friendly places in the nation. New laws put in place this week are making it even more so. As Houston Public Media reports, nearly two dozen new gun laws are going into effect, most of which loosen gun regulations. For instance, Texas has been an open carry state since 2016, allowing licensed gun owners to openly wear their firearms in public. Now, the state has removed the licensing requirement, meaning gun owners do not have to obtain a license or training in order to carry weapons in public, as Texas inches closer to the Wild Wild West image that many people have of the state. To make matters more problematic, gun rights such as open carry status have generally been subject to racial bias in Texas, with Black gun owners not enjoying the same freedoms as their white counterparts.

You can read the whole thing here.

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