New on Blavity: The 5 Worst Conservative Responses To Juneteenth

In my new article, I mark the declaration of Juneteenth National Indepence Day by highlighting (well, low-lighting) some hot takes on Juneteenth coming from the conservative sphere.

From the article:

Trump went on to declare the moment a victory, stating that “nobody had heard of [Juneteenth]” before Trump acknowledged it in moving the date of his event, which…nah, partner. Plenty of folks been knew about Juneteenth. Just because the Black man tasked with keeping you alive talked you out of hosting a Kla…I mean MAGA rally during the holiday doesn’t mean you somehow “discovered” a new holiday, except in the sense that Columbus discovered America: you both obviously showed up and attempted to co-opt something that people of color already had.

You can read the whole thing here.

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