New on Blavity: 5 Things to Know About Rise of the Moors

On Blavity, I explore the origins and beliefs of Rise of the Moors, a branch of a movement that does not recognize U.S. authority over Black Americans. The group came into public consciousness earlier this month when nearly a dozen of its members engaged in a 9-hour armed standoff with Massachusetts police.

From the article:

As described in a lengthy FAQ section of what appears to be the group’s website, “the noun ‘Moor’ is a shortened variant of the word Moroccan.” Rise of the Moors members believe themselves to be descendants of Moors from the North African Kingdom of Morocco, and the group believes that the terms of several treaties and communications between Morocco and the early U.S. government establish them as outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

You can read the whole thing here.

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