New Article on Blavity: What You Should Know About The Exec Orders Biden Just Signed To Advance Racial Justice And Equity

I have a new article on Blavity analyzing the four executive orders signed by President Biden on January 26 to combat racism and racial inequities. With remarks from Biden and Domestic Policy Council head Susan Rice, the article examines both what’s in the new orders and the important issues – policing, voting rights – that were left out.

From the article:

Biden signed an executive order directing the Department of Justice not to renew any of its contracts with private prisons. Private prisons first arose in the 1980s in conjunction with mass incarceration of largely Black and brown people.┬áThese for-profit institutions have been shown to be less safe and less secure than other facilities. Private prisons have been key targets for criminal justice reform advocates, and Biden’s order brings the federal government in line with states such as California, Illinois, New York and Nevada, all of which have effectively banned private prisons.

You can read the whole piece here.

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