Updates on the Catholic Church and Trump’s Foreign Policy

Two stories today provide follow up to topics we’ve talked about on this site earlier this year.

First, the recent news of the Catholic Church concealing hundreds of abuse allegations in Illinois only makes a stronger case for the idea of treating the organization like a mafia in order to hold accountable those individuals who engaged in sexual abuse and those who participated in the systematic cover-up.

Second, President Trump’s surprise decision to withdraw US forces from Syria has drawn widespread criticism from political opponents and Trump supporters alike and left pundits looking for answers–  speculating that this might be a way to change the conversation away from the Mueller investigation, a gift to Vladimir Putin, or a play to satisfy the isolationists in Trump’s base – the move shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who have followed Trump’s nationalist foreign policy, which sees foreign entanglements and especially wars as costly and unnecessary distractions from his domestic agenda.

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