Just in case you’re reading this, Governor Northam

Here are a few answers to the questions that are probably going through your mind now.

Yes, if you’re dressing up as a black man “a little bit of shoe polish” on your cheeks is still blackface

Yes, the 80s were a different time. Lots of casual racism, sexism, homophobia, etc was deemed ok then.

No, they weren’t a “KKK hood and Sambo blackface is no big deal” level of different time. That was never anything other than hateful racist.

No, this movie doesn’t make it ok. Or this movie.

Yes, you should resign.

No, you should not humblebrag about winning your dance contest while wearing blackface.

No, reporter, asking him if he still knows how to moonwalk was not an appropriate question.

No, you should not have done the moonwalk in the middle of the press conference.

Wait, yes, you should have totally done the moonwalk, it would have been hilarious.

No, I don’t believe the Michael Jackson dance party was your only time doing something like this. If it takes you a day to decide whether or not a picture of guys in blackface and Klan hood are you or not, you’ve done too much racist crap to remember.

Yes, Mitch McConnell, that big flag behind you is also racist.

No, I’m not ignoring the fact that many people consider the Confederacy to be part of their heritage.

No, “heritage” doesn’t cancel out “racist as ****”

Yes, still Governor Northam, I do think you can redeem yourself as a person if you’re serious about listening to those you’ve hurt or disappointed and becoming a better person.

No, I don’t think redemption absolves you of consequences, i.e. stepping down.

Yes, it is a huge bonus that you stepping down for horrible racism would put a young, African American rising political star and noted opponent of racist tradition into office.

Yes, Governor Northam, there is still a chance for you to redeem yourself.

Yes, Governor Northam, you should resign.

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