Article on Blavity: What You Should Know About The Exec Orders Biden Just Signed To Advance Racial Justice And Equity

On Blavity, I examined the executive orders President Biden issued in late January promoting racial equality, equity and justice. The article analyzes the executive orders and comments by the President and by Susan Rice, whose role as Chair of the Domestic Policy Council has been paired with the mandate to spearhead and coordinate racial equity efforts across the federal government. From the article:

In addition to detailing these four executive orders, senior White House officials today emphasized that the Biden administration was taking an unprecedented approach to promote racial equity. They pointed to Biden’s Inauguration Day executive order on racial equity, which tasked the Domestic Policy Council, now lead by Ambassador Susan Rice, with coordinating efforts across federal agencies to incorporate considerations of equity into all areas of federal policy. Rice addressed White House reporters this afternoon, reiterating the administration’s commitment to racial equity and her role in spearheading these efforts. The White House also noted the creation through the January 20 memo of an interagency data working group to measure and evaluate the impact of federal policies as a way of being accountable.

“For too many American families, systemic racism and inequality in our economy, laws and institutions still put the American dream far out of reach,” Rice said.

You can read the full article here.

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